Jo & Simon – Tetbury Wedding Gloucestershire

Vintage Wedding Marquee Photography Miranda Stuart

Vintage Wedding Marquee Photography Miranda Stuart

We met Jo and Simon way back. They live in a tiny village with only a church and not even a pub. So tiny that they seemed to know everyone on first-name terms.

This meant they were bound to have a very personal style of wedding.  And we were not wrong.

Jo had arranged a beautiful, vintage marquee, for the reception in the grounds of the local manor house following a service in the pretty and equally tiny church.  With an unbelievably tiny vestry for the signing of the register.

So it was with some disappointment that everyone awoke to a frightful weather forecast.  A forecast which proved all too accurate as the ceremony time drew near. It was simply cats and dogs.

Vintage Wedding Tractor by Miranda Stuart

Vintage Wedding Tractor by Miranda Stuart

And Jo’s transport to the church was the, only slightly-enclosed, wagon pulled by a vintage (naturally) tractor. Which she and her father gallantly tried to hide in as the trailer was drawn towards the church at a leisurely pace in the rain.

It hammered it down during the ceremony.

But amazingly, and right on cue, a brilliant flash of blue sky appeared as they signed the register.

By the time the formalities were over, B&G had boarded, motored, and decanted again from the tractor & trailer, the sun was shining gloriously as the fluffy summer clouds smiled down of everybody.

So, to start the photographic ball rolling, what do you think was going on with this little chap?…

To see the entire set of galleries Click HERE   (If you know Jo and Simon, you’ll know the password – click the Need a Hint? link when you see it)

Weddings - is it too much to ask for a sleep?

Weddings – is it too much to ask for a sleep?

One thought on “Jo & Simon – Tetbury Wedding Gloucestershire

  1. Dear Miranda & Stuart,

    The photographs you have taken are truly stunning-thank you!

    The definition of a photographer in the Oxford English Dictionary is, a person who takes photographs, especially as a job. – What I see in our pictures, is a person who takes photographs especially because they are truly passionate about it.

    The spontaneous moments you have captured-making the images so unique to us are delightful, we are thrilled. The rehearsal pictures were a real surprize too,- I thought you were testing the light for the next day!

    I cried when I saw several of the images, so be rest assured you have captured the exact memories of our day that we wanted, and more.

    We will try very hard to pick 70, and be in touch again when mission accomplished! We may want to see a couple in B & W too—–

    Jo & Simon

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