About Wedding Photography


What do you want from your wedding day?

You’ve got the most amazing guy.

You’ve got the most fabulous dress.

And you’ve got the most wonderful location.

So, naturally, you want treasured  memories.

Yet your own memories can fade with time, and so each of us needs photographs to help us remember. And on this day especially, you need more than just ‘snaps’.

You want wedding photography which lives.

Something Vibrant.

Absolutely Gorgeous.

So how do you choose the right photographer?

There are two main factors – style and price

Price.  Some couples buy only on price – they have a limited budget (don’t we all!) – and go for the cheapest available option thinking this means best value.  Do take care here, as price often reflects experience and ability.  Ask to see an entire album of a complete wedding, not an album with only his/her best shots. Conversely, paying the Earth doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the photography you want either – because photographers have different styles, and you need to choose one that has a style you love.

Style. What do we mean? Some couples want only reportage, ‘candids’, informal, or photo-journalistic images. Others want traditional. And yet others recognise the value in a mixture of styles. Oh, and mums always want certain formal shots of their daughters.You need to know that your photographers images are in the style that’s right for you.

Our investment in you

We take seriously what you want from your wedding day photography. So seriously that we have invested over £10,000 in new equipment and training in the last 12 months alone.This means we have the confidence and ability to produce timeless memories for you. Absolutely gorgeous photography to treasure for the years to come.

So look at some of our recent weddings and see if our style is your style.

Check the Invest page to see if we fit around your budget, then

call us on 01453 890 830

or email, to arrange to meet for an informal chat about your plans and your ideas.

Because your memories matter…