Have you ever talked to friends who regret how they chose their wedding photographer? Could you see how a poor choice had left them wishing they could do it a gain, but this time do it right?

Most often, their biggest regret is that they thought that BUDGET was the ONLY factor. And since they’d blown the budget on the venue, catering and all the other bits and bobs, they decided to skimp on their photography.

So that you don’t make the same mistakes, we’ve prepared a brochure to help you decide which package would suit you best, together with a brochure discussing the 7 Myths of wedding photography. We hope you both enjoy and benefit from them.

The idea is to help you realise your wedding photography beautifully and choose a photographer who will ensure you get ‘absolutely gorgeous photography’

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Brochure for PC and Mac

Brochure for Tablet and iPad

7 Myths Brochure

Wedding Photography Brochure Wedding Photography Brochure Wedding Photography Myths Brochure

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