Wedding photographer Devon – Essential Kit

wedding photographer essential kit

wedding photographer essential kit

As a wedding photographer there are some things that become absolutely essential.  The obvious are to carry several professional cameras, ensure you have even more good quality lenses and then some other bits.  Some obvious, but others less-so.

Included in these, but not in any particular order are;

  • light-meter
  • monopod
  • tripod
  • flash guns
  • flash stands
  • soft-boxes
  • flash triggers
  • reflectors and diffusers
  • software
  • filters

Its the last of these I want to chat about.

Many people, and that includes not a few enthusiastic photographers, think that a wedding photographer can make just any old image look half-decent.  Why? Because they believe (quite wrongly) that their software can produce miracles.

Now I’m not saying the right software, especially the likes of Lightroom or Photoshop, doesn’t go a long way to pepping-up some otherwise dull photographs.  But even the mighty Photoshop cannot do what some filters can do.

And specifically, I mean what a Polariser filter can do.

In bright, sunny conditions, a polariser filter can make the difference between an OK photo and a gorgeous photograph.

On her wedding day, the bride often has a fairytale idea about what she wants.  And this pretty-much always includes perfect blue skies and warm, sunny,dry, windless weather.  And as a wedding photographer, I will just have to deal with it.

Bright white wedding dresses combined with deep blue skies present a challenge to cameras.  The problem is that whilst our eyes are superb at seeing both extremes of brightness and colour vividly, cameras have not yet reached the same level of sophistication.

wedding photographer without polarised filter

wedding photographer without polarised filter

But in this situation a polarising filter does what no electronic filter in Lightroom or Photoshop can do as convincingly.  It can deepen the blue whilst helping the contrast.

Not only that, but it can lessen the reflection seen at or through a glass window.

And it can render the surface of water, such as a still lake almost perfectly see-through.  Just enough reflection to look natural, but not so much as its a distraction.

Try getting Photoshop to do all that without many, many hours of post-production!


So, after years of using a pretty cheap polariser, I took the plunge and bought a decent one.  And decent ones are definitely not cheap.  In fact they can cost as much as a decent compact camera!

wedding photographer polarised filter

wedding photographer polarised filter

But thank goodness I did, as Bex and Nick just happened to get the most stunningly wonderful blue-sky wedding day at Woolacoombe and later at Croyde in Devon.

So, as a wedding photographer, I am most definitely going to keep a polariser in my kit.  Whilst I might not use it continuously, when I do, I know it will really make a lovely difference to the quality of my images.

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Miranda and Stuart

Wedding Photography Gloucestershire – Wedding Cakes

Wedding Photography Gloucestershire and Wedding Cakes

Wedding Photography Gloucestershire Cupcakes

Wedding Photography Gloucestershire Cupcakes

When we did the wedding photography Gloucestershire shoot for the Grand Jour bridal boutique, we also did a shoot for a wedding cakes specialist business.  Run by Julie, she had prepared a number of wedding style cupcakes in the colours of the boutique.  Another set ofbeautiful cakes was designed to match the detail on another of the wonderful dresses. (See the white cakes at the bottom left)

Now, forgive me (for I am but a man!), but I’ve never really been into cupcakes. And I had always thought of wedding cupcakes as a bit of a rip-off.  You know – a tiny bit of sponge with a sprinkling of really sugary-but-tasteless icing .

I’ve had to eat my words.

But only after I’d eaten one of the exquisite cupcakes made by Julie.

Wedding Photography Gloucestershire Cupcakes

Wedding Photography Gloucestershire Cupcakes

It was a revelation.

Never before have I tasted such a delight as the cupcake I was allowed to take home.

Actually, I was allowed to take home 3 cupcakes, but my better half and daughter made short work of the other two, and I had to fight them off to get a look-in on the third!

Just like selecting the right photographer for your wedding photography, it turns out you can’t just leave wedding cakes to chance either.  Asking a wedding cake designer to talk over your ideas with you is a must.  And lets be fair, if your cake isn’t made specifically to your request then it will be just an off-the-peg, and hence soul-less, lump of sponge or dried fruit mixture.

If you are searching for wedding photography Gloucestershire, but haven’t yet decided on the style of wedding cake, or indeed who to commission for your cake, might I just say that you could do a lot worse than ask to sample one of Julies delightful hand-crafted masterpieces!





Wedding Photography Gloucestershire Cupcakes

Wedding Photography Gloucestershire Cupcakes

So, for cake information, take a look at Wedding Cakes by Julie and mention I sent you,


for more information on wedding photography Gloucestershire,

Give me a call on OI453 89O 83O

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Grand Jour Launch Party

Grand Jour Bridal Boutique

Grand Jour Bridal Boutique

Congratulations to Jessica, Alison, Tom and Pat on their fabulous launch party last night.

It was great to see all your hard work come together and we’re so pleased to have been asked to provide your photography.
The only thing Stuart forgot was to take home one of Julies spectacular cup-cakes!
As we’re shooting a wedding in Devon this weekend, it will be a few more days before we’ve put together the photographs from the rehearsal day and last night.
Take a breather, enjoy the forecast sunshine and have a great weekend! (And Jess – catch up on the budget details…)
Miranda & Stuart
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Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire – Bridal Boutique

Bridal Boutique Shoot – Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire

As wedding photographer Gloucestershire, its been pretty hectic these past few months working with the Grand Jour Bridal Boutique  in preparation for their big opening later this month.

As their chosen wedding photographer, we have had a great time talking over their plans with them and coming up with some exciting ideas.

Grand Jour wedding photographer Gloucestershire

Grand Jour wedding photographer Gloucestershire

This past Sunday, we went to their brand new boutique and met 3 models for an afternoon shoot.  Amy and Rosie were our gorgeous brides and prom girls and Dee was there for the presentation shoot in the showroom for wedding photographer Gloucestershire.  Oh and Alison and Jessica were there too, of course.

It had rained earlier in the day so there was much relief when it dried up and the sun shone for the rest of the afternoon.

After Amy and Rosie changed into a couple of different prom dresses and we had done so location photographs in a country lane we returned to the boutique for the 2nd shoot.

Alison and Jessica were so enthusiastic and the day just flew past.  And what a great set of photographs we have from a great set of models.

Thank you so much Rosie, Amy & Dee, you really were Fab!

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