No Business is an Island, to mis-quote a well known saying… a number of other wedding suppliers are listed below

Company Contact Phone Website
Bridal Hair Specialist Heidi O7855 437 426
Wedding Cakes Margaret O1451 822 975
Makeup Anna O789O 627 I42
Aye do     Wedding Jewellery 
Caroline McShane Flowers  Caroline OI285 323 623
SWPP     Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers
Wedding Service Providers     Wedding Service Providers
Orange Mango Jewellery Monique O75O5 359 268 Handmade Jewellery
Architectronic Alan or Nathaniel O845 638 373O  I.T. and Web Store Integration
Photomation Stuart O8454 9OO 295 Office Copiers and Printer

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