Summer Bees

Bee and honeysuckleThere didn’t seem to be very many bees around this year. Infact I don’t think there were many insects at all.  Certainly the swifts which have been nesting over our front door for the last few years weren’t able to raise any young ones this year.

And don’t ask about the mess they leave all over the doormat!

Anyway, I did manage to spy a lone bee in early August.  He was very, very busy. And didn’t have the time for a proper photoshoot.

But he did his job well and the honeysuckle thrived following his visits.

Cobwebs and Autumn Dew

Dew on cobwebsSome of the spiders I’ve seen this year have been pretty big.  Huge in all honesty.

But following a very misty start to the day, I found they had all vacated their homes in favour of (probably) my home!

The dew had created a chain of beads all over the webs – which had evaporated within a few hours.

There were some other exquisite decorations further down the garden – perhaps for another time…