The difference between digital ‘Snaps’ and digital Photography

Everyone’s got a phone that can take pictures and movie footage.

So surely anyone can take photos?

That all depends on whether you look at your photos on anything other than a ‘phone or laptop screen.

Below are a set of images – one set taken on a very nice brand new 5MP Sony phone, the other on one of our Pro-level Canon cameras.

Phone images

Apple on a fence post, approx 2ft from lens.  Birch tree is about 6ft further away. Focus point is where the apple is.

Camera Photographs

Camera set at about 2ft from fence post.

Detail:  Note how the definition of the leaf against the apple is very poor, yet that is where the phone said the focus point was.  In reality, you can’t even be sure of what shape the leaf is. Additionally, I only really wanted to focus on that point.  The rest of the image is a distraction since it is in focus (sort of) too. I would say the birch tree is better focussed that the apple the phone was trying to focus on. Detail:  Here, the leaf is very nicely defined, with veining detail visible and the surface texture of the apple clearly showing. The post is also clear and the background is, as it should be, nicely out of focus. It causes no confusion about what the photograph is telling you.
 Apple leaf detail  Fine apple and leaf detail

What’s the obvious conclusion?

I think the images speak for themselves – and the use of cameras with poor quality lenses and phone cameras goes a long way to explaining why so many people are disappointed by photography. It doesn’t matter how many megapixels you’ve got if the camera can’t produce a crisp image.

That’s why commissioning a good professional photographer who knows what they’re doing and has professional cameras, lenses and lighting rigs is essential if your wedding day photography is going to match your own memories of such an important day.


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